Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some tastey photots!

A few weeks ago I felt like making Indian food. So to Manjula's Kitchen I went for veggie inspiration.

This is homemade seitan smothered in Tandoori sauce and shallow fried, rice with peas and caramelized onions and spicy bhindi. Very delish!

Today I made a lovely salad for a BBQ that everyone bailed on. But I get to eat the whole salad so its a win for me! below is the picture I took while testing out the spices in the dressing.
The somen noodles are spun into bird's nests, the diced red bell pepper, cucumber and shredded carrot added and the sauce drizzled on top. I did end up adding some siracha to the sauce and black sesame seeds instead of cashews. But the whole thing is fantastic. Check out the recipe on VegWeb!

I also have two more salads for the failed BBQ but have yet to take pictures of them. Maybe when we eat them for dinner. Just a basic veganaise Pasta Salad and an Avocado Salad with beans, tomatoes and lots of lime. So yummy!

Below are some gardening pictures!

We dug up the plants along the garage that covered half the walkway and windows and made it into a garden! The trellis is to allow the plants places to climb on without unsightly tomato cages.
Yes, that is a stone skull out in front. Im strange. I know and accept this!

My garden, full of tomato plants, string beans, bell peppers and one lonely jalapeno plant. Since this is New England I hope to get veggies around September. hahaha