Tuesday, June 24, 2008


This past week I have improvised several meals in an effort to use up whats in the fridge and make new and interesting meals. Unfortunately I still do not have a working camera and that is not likely to change anytime in the next few weeks due to the move. Speaking of the move, this week is it. We are packing up tomorrow, cleaning and moving small things Thursday and Friday and Saturday its truck time with heavy stuff. Cross your fingers that i find space for all my gadgets and goods!

Onto the food. First I made an interestingly spicy rice dish.

Soyrizo, black beans, onion, garlic and diced green chili's all sauted in a pan. Served over rice with corn. Was very good and filling with just a bit of heat from the Soyrizo. It was exceptional slathered with Better than Sour Cream, field greens and eaten with chips!

Next I was hungry for kale.

Sauted onion, garlic, diced kale with splashes of water if it got too dry. I looked at the pot and decided to make it a bit more filling so I added a can of lentils that were rinsed very very well. After that I diced two tomatoes and added them. This was served with mashed potatoes and smoked paprika cauliflower. It was fabulous. Hearty, thick and satisfy with just a light tang of tomato. I did add Herbs de Provance to the mix for a bit of an earthy flavor.

My husband liked it and even went out of his way to mention that he thought it was very good. He was quite shocked when I told him it had lentils as he thinks he hates lentils. This is one dish I highly recommend!


Sam said...

I wish I liked spicy foods. I grew up in northwestern Pennsylvania, not exactly the spice capital of the world! Even soyrizo is too spicy for me! (although if I slathered it in enough sour kream, I may just enjoy it...)

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