Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday fun!

The holidays are rapidly approaching and honestly, I have been too busy to post! But I will share some pictures of the last 15 days.
Our live Christmas tree is a 7 foot tall potted Norway Spruce.

We did get a pretty wreath that will eventually need to be composted but the tree is going to be planted in the back yard with our past five years worth of trees. I must admit, this is our biggest one yet! Though I think year #2 tree might have grown taller than this one is now. One of the perks of buying a loved one's home when they move is if you planted things in their back yard, they are once again yours! Whee.

Also tonight I received an envelope that made me squeal like an excited cheerleader. Something I do not even vaguely resemble.

My package from the VegWeb Secret Santa Exchange! This awesome collection came from Saskia in Southern California. She included an awesome black gift bag, a great note on spooky Emily stationary, five beautiful beads that I plan to make into a fab bracelet or necklace tonight, six lemon zinger cookies that are out of this world AND an annual subscription to VegNews! How unbelievably awesome is that?!

I already ate one of the cookies. It was everything a lemon cookie should be. Soft yet firm enough to hold up to being mailed, tangy yet sweet enough to prevent a pucker and perfectly chewy with a slightly crunchy exterior. Wow, if I had not been actively making dinner for LB, these would have been my main course! As it is, I am trying to distract myself from them by making this post! Sooo good!!!

Thank you Saskia! I do agree, we have loads in common. And I love my gift and will enjoy it all year. You rock!


Puppy said...

awe, i'm sad you dont have a link to my awesome blog on your blog. tears!!

i miss seeing you around the vw. :( but KMK is planning some CT party for the spring. that will be FUN.

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