Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summer trip - Meal 2 at Millennium

So after a day of exploring San Francisco we scheduled dinner at none other than Millennium!

We ordered the Taste of Millennium and shared each dish as it came out. Angel and I both had our own favorites, but honestly, it was all beyond delicious.

We started off with two lovely salads. Both were so good. Angel liked the croutons on the second and I liked the crispy veggies and spiced nuts on the first.
Their dip of the day was a black bean and spice. It reminded me of cinnamon or garam masala. It did not last long as once the bread was gone, we scooped the dip out with our forks.
Course #2 - black bean torte. My personal favorite.
Fried Oyster Mushrooms - Good stuff there!

Their appetizer of the night was a lovely bean dip with a garlic sauce that was the most fantastic dish Angel had ever had. She wanted a whole vat full of this and for the kid who is not a fan of beans, thats saying something remarkable!
Entrees! Stuffed squash with a lovely fried squash blossom. Very good.
A tamale is hidden under all that garnish I believe.
Even their palate cleanser was delicious. Ginger Peach and so creamy!

Another batch of entrees! This was a lovely roulade that Angel didnt share more than a single bite with me.

I know this was fantastic but the name of it escapes me. This was similar in flavor base to the black bean torte appetizer. The sauce underneath was divine.

Dessert was amazing but honestly we barely had any room for much. Luckily it was all mini sized!

My favorite of everything on this plate? The lone lemon poppy seed cookie hiding under a single blueberry. So crisp, buttery and flavorful! This makes me so hungry.

5 comments: said...

I can't wait to go there one day, it all looks amazing!

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