Wednesday, May 7, 2008

My camera is holding cupcakes hostage!

Last week I made cupcakes. Four dozen cupcakes to be exact. Two batches of Mexican Hot Chocolate and two of Mucho Margarita. I brought one dozen of each batch into work for a Relay for Life bake sale and needless to say, they went over quite well.

I snapped pictures of my awesome Sunshine burger lunch, cupcakes and probably more. But last night, after a Tuesday night marathon cooking session, my camera decided to hold the pics hostage! It wont even turn itself on, even plugged into the computer. I can only hope that removing the memory stick will either help or work in my other camera. *sigh*

The chocolate cupcakes were tasty. The hint of spice was like a scent memory with each bite invoking a head tilt and a vague look of "this tastes like something...". I could not find almond meal so mine were grainy as I walked the fine line of ground almonds and almond butter.

Margarita cupcakes are always a big hit. Everyone loves them and lime is such a great flavor that even virgin cuppers and frosting would be tasty. Though honestly, I think at my work the idea of booze in baked goods is awesome.

I took the rest of the cupcakes to the awesome people who participate in Beer Train Friday. Yup, my commute home on Fridays has people partying it up. They bring beer and last weekend in celebration of the then upcoming Cinco de Mayo they made margaritas on the train. So I traded a cupcake for a glass and snacked on chips and some of the hottest salsa I had ever tried.

Last weekend I had some yummy food like General Tso's Tofu, Channa Masala, and even some sushi and spicy veg miso soup. All from very accommodating restaurants in my area of Connecticut. Monday was leftover taco's from a nacho night last week.

Last night though, I cooked such an incredible plate of food that I really mourn the lack of pictures to share the goodness. I made a double batch of modified Chickpea Cutlets. My only modification is to use an awesome seasoning blend mix for the veg broth and twice the amount of chickpeas called for. These got baked in the oven with my roasting fingerling parsley potatoes and I added in some broccoli and cauliflower in another roasting pan. I even made a sliced mushroom sauce with onions, garlic and baby bellas.

After all that, I found time to whip up some chickpea salad to nosh on with veggies for a snack and do the dishes! I was so darn proud of myself. So proud that it may just be leftover night tonight even though my plan was ribz and rice.

Hopefully there will be pics next post, but for now I have more cupcakes to contemplate!


Vicki's Vegan Vice said...

I hope your camera surrenders the photos! The cupcakes sound delicious and I also would like some of the salsa & libation you traded for!!

Celine said...

so...vegan cupcakes are taking over cameras, too?

Bee Roach said...

Can't wait to see pictures, but your descriptions are so great, I felt like you almost didn't need the pics!

Sam said...

Can't wait to see the pics! I'm sure they are just beautiful!

Mihl said...

I am sorry about your camera. I hope that machine will change it's mind soon and be nice again ;)

Kumudha said...

I'm sure the cupcakes looked great!