Thursday, January 24, 2008

Baking with fruit!

A very nice friend from work gave me an awesome thank you gift. Three pounds of fresh fruit. The blueberries were amazingly yummy and the two pounds of strawberries just as good.

First up, a recipe from the Joy of Vegan Baking! Blueberry Cobbler. Yum

Just look how it turned out. Here it is all warm, bubbly and sweet. So good. We scarfed it down before dinner on Sunday. What good is making a warm dessert if you have to eat it cold?!

Next when I got into work on Tuesday morning they were going to throw out 6 very brown bananas that has sat in the pantry all the long weekend. This just screamed for banana bread with a little bit of finely diced walnuts.

Those strawberries got eaten straight from the carton but last night I knew I needed to use the last half up. I modified the banana bread and made Strawberry Bread!

This bread is chewier than the banana version and flatter, possibly due to the smaller amount of fruit used. But it is delicious. Lightly sweet and with that delicate berry flavor permeating the dense crumb. I cannot wait to toast some and slather it with Earth Balance margarine.

These two breads I started baking after 9pm last night. Someday I will find motivation to bake before bedtime!


Jennifer said...

I am drooling at my desk at work over your blueberry cobbler. What a nice friend to bring you a big load of fresh yummy fruit!

What a way to save those bananas, I bet the bread turned out wonderful. And the strawberry bread, oh the strawberry bread. I may have to try modifying my banana bread recipe and use strawberries, it sounds like it would be wonderful.

Yay for the late night baking!

urban vegan said...

What a nice gift...and a great cobbler.

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

oh god . . . what are you doing to me??!! i'm trying to a bit healthier and yr posts make me want to go out and make a berry crisp now! we have gotten a ton of great berries so far this year.