Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Last night I made Roasted Garlic and Cauliflower soup based on the version by Vegan Dad. Let me just preface this by saying I have never, ever in all my years cooking, made a creamy pureed soup. It just seemed odd to me for whatever reason. Thus any errors and the very unphotogenic soup is my fault!

I modified the recipe slightly to go with what I had on hand.

1head cauliflower
2bulbs garlic
1 sm onion, diced
1 celery heart, diced
2c Canellini beans, cooked
3c Unsweetened Soy milk
1/2c Nutritional Yeast
1c veggie broth

Now, I roasted the garlic in the oven with the tops lopped off and oil drizzled on them. The cauliflower also got a bit of oil and into the 450 oven it went for 15 min with the garlic. Next time, I will plan this ahead of time and roast it all for 30 minutes at 400.

I sauted the onion and celery until the cauliflower was ready. Then added the beans and cauliflower. The garlic was a bit of a pain to pull from the bulb but I got it all into the pot finally. Then I started the transfer process. One third went into my VitaMix blender and got mixed up on level 6 for about 30 seconds before being poured (and scooped) into a bowl. The next third did the same thing and finally the last portion. I cleaned out the blender with the remainder of the soy milk (1/2c) and nutritional yeast.

After tasting I added the 1c veggie broth and seasonings.

Now, I have in the past over blended things in the VitaMix. I was trying so very hard not to do that to this lovely soup that I fear I left it too chunky. It was akin to smashed cauliflower or as my hubby put it, gruel. Not very appetizing to look at. All the pics turned out to be a bowl of white glop. Thus you must use your imagination today. Or simply look into a bowl of cream of wheat.

The most amazing thing about this recipe though? It was very easy, very forgiving and so very filling. I did not expect to be satisfied with the texture as a main course. And despite my not blending it to a smooth liquid I was highly pleased. This soup is quite a tummy filler despite its looks in the bowl. I will be enjoying the leftovers quite a bit and have plans to make this again!

Thanks again Vegan Dad, you are quite an inspiration!


Jennifer said...

You know, there are certain foods, no matter how good they taste, that are just no photogenic. I can see certain soups being one of them.

I will have to keep this soup in mind. I generally reserve soup for a lunch, or have it with a hearty bread (and often snack a bit), as it isn't generally as filling as other dinner entrees. I can see how this one would be quite filling though, and I love roasted veggies, any excuse to use them, I'll take!

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

sounds yummy