Sunday, January 13, 2008

Crepes ala Vegan Dad

Thank you Vegan Dad! Your crepe post was such an inspiration that I went downstairs and made a batch of these delicious pastries immediately and at the entire thing. My taste buds thank you but my legs will curse you come Monday at the gym! It was worth it though.

For over 9 years I have lived without crepes. Crepes were a traditional holiday breakfast in my parents house. Once I moved out I made them a few times myself. I even had a pan sitting in my cupboards, in the original bag for over a decade.

In our house we did not stuff them with anything special nor slather them with jam and berries. We simply sprinkled powdered sugar and maple syrup on them and rolled them up. So thats what I did for my first taste of crepes in so many years. Of course I had to get all fancy and use Dark Agave instead of maple syrup but oh, this was heaven.

Thank you Vegan Dad. Thank you!

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Vegan Dad said...

I am so glad they worked for you! They can be a bit tricky to flip but are totally worth any pain and suffering they may cause.