Tuesday, April 8, 2008

More Sweet & Sara review

This afternoon I am indulging in some more of my Sweet & Sara goodies. I whipped up a simple soy milk hot chocolate, made with Ghiradelli Premium Hot Cocoa, and topped it with two quartered marshmallow meltaways.

The cocoa is slightly above comfortable sipping level, temperature wise. So I am slurping just a little bit of air in with the hot liquid. My first sip had a small cube of mallow dancing on my lip briefly with its silky soft side. Thus the second sip I braved the heat and sucked in a warmed bite. Its flavor is delicate and almost completely hidden in the rich hazelnut chocolate but its there. Surrounded by a creamy shell that does melt upon your tongue as quickly as you try to keep the flavor there to savor it. The texture is perfect, slightly firm but silky smooth with just a slight sticky thrown in to keep it held together.

While I sip this cup of sheer euphoria I noticed that they do seem to expand slightly in the liquid. Which is great as I wish I had dropped more in there!

I almost want to cry over this warm cup of mellow sugary goodness. With spring arriving my chance, and desire, to drink hot chocolate wanes. Where oh where were you oh beautiful vegan meltaways five months ago?! Weatherman, bring on the rain and gloom of April showers! I need to enjoy these to their fullest!

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