Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Foodstuffs!

Once again my repetitive nature hits!

Again a breakfast sandwich of whole wheat bread, chickpea cutlet, LightLife Bologna slices, Soyblu slices and tomato filled me up for hours! The flavor combination is so perfect, the mild cutlet pairs beautifully next to the juicy tomato and sharp soy cheese flavor. The textures work well too as the bologna gives such a great soft chewy mouth feel. I think this sandwich is more filling than the version with the Boca chik patty.

Lunch was leftovers of Bacon Spaghetti and the last of the watermelon. Crudities and hummus made for a lovely afternoon snack.

Dinner was out at a Mexican Restaurant near our old condo. We nibbled on chips and salsa while sipping margaritas. Well, I tried very hard to only eat a few of the chips and had one strawberry marg! My dinner was a lovely Veggie Fajitas spread that I ate with some of the chips, the hot salsa and a fork. So yummy to scoop up carrot, mushroom, broccoli and a zucchini slice with a chip dotted with refried beans, rice and salsa. Occasionally I even got some guacamole on that pile. So good.

It is always interesting to me to frequent the same restaurants. Some days their service is great others mediocre, some days their food is passable but others, like our experience on Friday, the food is phenomenal. We both left full, happy and raving about the goodness.

Also I received my Laptop Lunchbox in the mail yesterday. I am so excited to give it a try. I hope to do some cooking early Saturday so that Monday morning packing just needs a few minutes. My train reading book has been Vegan Lunch Box for the past week. The first few recipes I want to try are the Samosas and the Cornish Pastry.


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