Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monday Eats

I was thinking I would keep a food log here in hopes that the guilt will keep me honest on the discretionary eating challenge. So without further ado, and a severe lack of pictures, let me blather on!

Breakfast was a sandwich with two slices of whole wheat bread nestled around a Boca Chik patty, two slices of LightLife Bologna and slice of Tofutti American Cheeze. This got eaten while awaiting the train amidst the throng of commuters. I know they were jealous.

I had a 10:30am snack of roasted peanuts, cashews, almonds and rice crackers. I wanted something to give me some energy to survive my first work out in several months. The gym was lovely like I knew it would be and I spent a good half hour on the bike pedaling happily. I did do a few arm reps on lats, biceps and triceps but not too much as I do not want to induce week long soreness.

Lunch was a lovely homemade burrito with brown rice, beans and hot sauce. I also indulged in a strawberry fruit cup from the cafeteria.

Snack time came around at 3:30pm and I ate hummus, carrots, celery and a few pretzel chips. I think working out at noon kept me awake and motivated in the afternoon which is always a welcome change.

Dinner happened quite late as I had to go to the grocery store for foods for the week. When you get home at 7:30 all you want is something fast and filling. Enter in another Boca Chik Patty, steamed broccoli and smashed cauliflower.

I have not quite gotten away from prepackaged foods just yet. But I hope to make some chickpea cutlets tonight after work for my morning sandwiches. If I wasn't eating them at or on the train I would so love to layer slices of tomato and avocado on them. Oh yeah, delish!

Cross your fingers for me! I am hoping that this becomes a habit over all rather than just a month long challenge. We full figured vegans get almost as many rude comments as the super skinny ones.


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