Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wednesday Bites

Today I broke out of my pattern! I had a Dark Chocolate Dreams Peanut Butter and Strawberry jam sandwich for breakfast. I did need a pre-gym snack of a small bowl of Kashi Heart to Heart cerial with soy milk. It kept me going but as I was changing and heading back to my desk my tummy was grumbling loudly.

Lunch is a bowl of leftover Bacon Spaghetti, carrots, celery and green beans in hummus. After yesterday's debacle I decided to skip getting anything from the cafeteria. I did splurge and eat 3 Oreos.

At 5pm I nibbled on some pretzel chips and had a sprite as my tummy was very unhappy. I think all the crudities were a bit much. Ok fine, it was the cookies! Happy?

Dinner was an awesome salad of Quinoa, raw corn kernels, pimento, avocado and tomato in a lime and chili dressing. I did top it with a baked chickpea cutlet strip, just because cutlets are that awesome.

The cutlets in all their glory!

The salad in its zippy goodness:
I mixed lime juice, crushed red pepper, chili powder, olive oil, salt and a bit of pepper for the dressing. It was tangy with that citrus bite but a slow heat in your mouth afterwards. The quinoa was lovely but still hot so it made the avocados disappear unfortunately. But it all tasted divine. The crisp romaine was a lovely crunch with the softer salad and chewy cutlet bites.

I am going to make this again. Possibly with shelled edamame and cold quinoa.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cali!

I'm glad you found some time for the gym! I like your blog, it's giving me good ideas for dinners. The quinoa salad sounds nice. I also really want to try your Bacon Spaghetti sometime soon. Marinated & baked tofu or tempeh also makes a good sandwich filling.


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