Friday, August 8, 2008

Meals for the week

This week has not been my best. I have been sick as can be, exceedingly tired and quite uninspired. I did manage to make a few dinners though my camera is MIA after a weekend at the New York Renaissance Faire.

Sunday we had a lovely dinner out at a local Japanese restaurant, Ichiro. I enjoyed my favorites, spicy veg miso soup, vegetable gyoza and avocado sushi. So good. Monday was burrito night with Lightlife Taco meat, kidney beans, spicy brown rice, salsa and shredded teese. It was good but I was not quite in the mood to eat.

Tuesday I schlepped down to the kitchen in my jammies for a leftover burrito and a bowl of So Delicious Neopolatine Ice Cream. This was the only night I ate dessert so this is a huge improvement over the five nights last week!

Wednesday Tofurky sausages sauted with potato, peppers and onions. Very yummy and served with a side of green beans. Thursday was Seitan Noodle Soup, with leeks and ditali noodles. It so hit the spot. I felt so much better I caved and had two bowls when I shouldn't have.

I think I have done the great with the discretionary eating challenge. I have only caved twice so far this week in over eating and eating sweets. My goal is to continue this weekend with only eating when hungry and cutting down on sweets. Tonight we are eating out with friends and going to the Faire again this weekend. My weekend eating is always light as there is almost nothing I can eat so that wont be a big problem. I do plan on making some seitan to take with and some crudities.


Chile said...

Sounds like you did really well this week. Keep up the good work!

Calimaryn said...

Thanks Chile!

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