Monday, August 18, 2008

The Wonderful Weekend

Our weekends in August and September are taken up by our attendance at the New York Renaissance Faire as I have probably mentioned. I wanted to journal my eating for the weekend in one post real quick.

Saturday morning we got up leisurely and gathered our necessary items. Breakfast for me was leftover General Tso's Tofu, rice and the last spring roll. Unfortunately this set my tummy to nauseous and made for a difficult morning. I did run out to the bank and grabbed a Blue Raspberry Icee to soothe my tummy. Don't ask me why, but it works for me!

I had packed the cooler with water bottles, two PB & Co Dark Chocolate Dreams and Strawberry spread sandwiches, a bowl of chickpea salad, as well as the last of my crudities just so I could have something to nibble on should the need arise.

I drove to the hour plus way into New York and we grabbed a room at the new Hampton Inn in Harriman. Lovely hotel that has only been open 10 days! We garbed up and headed to Faire. I think the rest of the afternoon was full of booze but no food. I might have gotten an order of Spicy Fries but I just simply don't recall! I was drinking Mead and occasionally some Hardcore Apple Cider.

We staggered back (except for LB who drove us) to the hotel and got changed for dinner. TGI Friday's really had three options for vegans that I have eaten: Bruscetta Pasta with mushrooms subbed for the chicken, large garden salad with vinegar and steamed broccoli. My pasta was good but then at that point I was ready to gnaw on the table! I did sip on a Lynchburg Strawberry Lemonade but while it was fantastic in flavor I just couldn't drink any more. Finally we went back and slept the sleep of the heavily intoxicated.

Breakfast was bright and early at the hotel lounge from their complimentary spread. I had a packet of Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal, a sesame bagel with peanut butter and jelly and a tiny cup of apple juice.

I was not that full unfortunately and ate one of my sandwiches a few hours later as we walked into the faire. I stuck to water for the most part on Sunday just because I knew I would have to be the driver on the way home. In the Friends of Faire garden I nibbled on crackers with hummus, pretzel chips and a peach.

Stupidly I let myself get overheated and was sitting in the shade nibbling grapes, crackers, one stick each of carrot and celery, and some spicy fries. After that it was lots of water and hiding from the evil day star.

The drive home was brutal as I was nauseous again and way too hot. Dinner ended up being very late leftover chickpea cutlets with steamed broccoli and mashed potatoes.

The weekend turned out to be great overall. I did not over eat, though from listing it here it sounds like I did. Trust me, the amount of food in the servings are small or shared. The drinking was probably excessive calorie wise but I have high hopes for hitting the gym 4 days this week, just as I did last week!

Lets see though about my discretionary eating challenge. . . I needed to cut sweets back 50% and I definitely did that. Seconds only when hungry is a big obstacle for me but I think this weekend I went hungry more often than overfull. And even though I did imbibe a lot of mead I don't really count that against my 100% Veg as I still eat honey. Maybe that makes me not a vegan but I feel the only perfect vegan is a dead vegan. My veg line in the sand includes booze of any type or make except dairy.

I am not sure if I will continue to food log on a daily basis. It's been fun but I am sure no one really cares about what I ate all week. haha I hope to have some pictures next post of my first laptop lunch!


Sam said...

I love the Ren faire! I went to the one in Pittsburgh last year and it was awesome! I'm partial to the roasted sugar/cinnamon almonds myself...

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