Wednesday, October 1, 2008

VeganMoFo Day 1

To make up for my long silence I present to you my lunches, times four! In September I bought a Laptop Lunchbox to bring my own healthy lunch with me to work.

My first lunch was full of V'Con's Chickpea Cutlets, rice pilaf, veggies, apple slices, salad dressing in the tiny container and a bag of dark chocolate covered blueberries. Was good!

My second lunch was my own take on a BLT with Lightlife's Smart Bacon standing in for poor dead pig. And honestly, who doesn't put Avocado on their BLTs? This was a dip-tastic lunch with ketchup in the kitty and elephant containers to plunge the tater tots into. A container of grapes rounded it all out nicely.
Next I made my very own Cornish pastry from the Vegan Lunch Box cookbook. These were so very very good! The pie crust was easy to make, the filling was delish and it traveled very well. No wonder hand held stuffed pasties have been around for centuries!
And finally I have a picture of a lovely bunch of broccoli! Ok it is really leftovers from my excellent dinner of Smoked Tofu with Lemon Pepper Broccoli over Mixed Grains

Let me know that store bought plantain chips do NOT hold a candle to homemade fresh ones. Now if only I could make these myself all thin and crisplike.

I hope to keep posting all month. I am throwing a potluck at my home this weekend for several VegWeb friends. Expect lots of yummy food posts from that as soon as I catch up on all my September backlog, which consists of 3 more food photos. Doh!


Zoey said...

Hi Calimaryn,

I found your blog through Vegan MoFo. I liked seeing pictures of your 4 lunches, I have been stuck in a peanut butter sandwich rut, so you helped give me some ideas to get out of it.

Where did you get those cute elephant and kitty small containers?

Calimaryn said...

Thanks for stopping by Zoey! I got the awesome dip containers from I Love Obento's web site under accessories. They came in a four pack and I also have a doggy and a bear! Its just too cute.

Anonymous said...

I use to love BLT's I am def going to have to try the vegetrian one... i have always been afraid to buy the veggie bacon! And of course I would add avocado.

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