Saturday, October 4, 2008

Potluck Pictures - first batch

Just a few minor notes and changes to this post to update it some. Saturday morning I got up, cleaned my house within an inch of its life except the outside edges of the stairs apparently. (Long story!) All in preparation for a potluck! Yay!

I made a double batch of Cheezy Quackers with garlic, salt & pepper. These are always so good!
Look at that lovely dough.

Luckily I now have the counter space to roll these addictive crackers out onto.

Little leaves all cut out and awaiting the oven.

My new cookie cutter set. Probably will only be used for crackers though. Cookies are too much like work to cut out. hahah!

The final bowl full. Seriously, this is all a double batch, three large pans worth, made. We demolished these pretty quick. I suggest making a triple batch if you like them as much as I do.

The lunch spread! Left to right: Condiment container with marinated mushrooms, kalmata olives, salsa, guacamole and chickpea dip. Tortilla chips are in the bowl below it with Olive Tapenade right beside it. A quartet of hummus stands strong with the quackers. Veggies ranging from bell peppers, snow peas, green beans, radishes, carrots and celery block the vegan ranch, creamy Sheese, sliced Teese and Cheddar w/ Chives Sheese from escaping the garlic bread and pitas.

A hungry Baypuppy digs into the hummus. nom nom nom

Camilus did some dishes!
And we had a vegan cheese test of meltability. Teese on garlic bread, firm Sheese in a whole wheat pita and soft Sheese in the tiny pita spaceship shape. I did not eat any of these hot from the oven but I must say, the creamy Sheese probably is my favorite to dip things into. The firm kind was strangly resistant to any mingling with other foods. It exuded oils but would not spread or blend. The Teese was of course, excellent.

I think Cam thought the same way about my cheese favorites because here he is eating the tiny pita stuffed with creamy Sheese and looking delieriously happy!


allularpunk said...

totally do wish i was there!

green t said...

Your kitchen & house look spic 'n span! I'm afraid I would take to those little leaves cookie-monster style and get crumbs everywhere.
: o

Calimaryn said...

We did too AP!

Thanks Green T! LB and I worked hard on getting it to look like that. haha Luckily the crackers were so small you could barely get them to make crumbs. But they were good.