Monday, October 6, 2008

Potluck Pictures - round two

For those of you not in the know, we had a VegWeb potluck at my house this past weekend! Four steadfast friends trekked in as far away as Albany to come visit, eat and have a great time. My not tiny sized kitchen felt very small with five adults working in it. Here are more pictures!

KissMeKate and VegHeadZealia watch on as dinner preparations start.

Baypuppy and Camilus putting Mac & Cheeze in the oven. mmmm bread crumb topping!

We decided then to have a fancy schmancy dinner party type of dinner since it was just us. I love bringing out the good china for fun things!

KMK folded the napkins! So awesome.

Sitting around the table, ready to dig in!
The food! Going clockwise from the top is: sauted Kale, teriyaki meatballs, lentil bake, mac & cheese and my own bacon spaghetti. Everything was so delish and it is such a treat to be around people cooking great vegan food.
This is what was left once we did as much damage as we could. Luckily leftovers did fit in my fridge and people got to take portions home!

First though, we had a field trip to my local Trader Joe's before we started on cooking dinner. We picked up everything from dried Dragonfruit to trail mix to frozen asperagus to toothpaste! What a fun trip. We also hit the local Stop & Shop grocery store for smoothie makings but once in the store we got distracted and only bought sundae toppings like Smuckers Marshmallow Sauce!

After we ate that feast pictured above, we sat in the den and played Scattegories. It is funny how everyone got different foods but when we had to think up people or places there were duplicates. We also voted that Hulk Hogan is NOT considered a hero. This party was a pajama party with everyone staying overnight for two days of fun and food so we all got in our jammies and stayed up till 2am goofing off and laughing hysterically.

Sunday morning fun will have to wait till next post though!


megatarian said...

Looks like a great time! Everything looks delicious... but what about dessert?!? I'm sorry I had to miss it. Hopefully everyone will be able to make it up to Albany for pre-Thanksgiving. bp and I are already excitedly menu planning!

AC said...

Love, love, love, love it! <3

allularpunk said...

why doesn't anyone live in MY area? sad... but it looks like you all had a lot of fun and great food! awesome!

Calimaryn said...

Dessert is coming! I promise. I didnt take pictures of Saturday's dessert but I did for Sunday. So never fear.

hannah said...

you guys are awesome. what a fancy shmancy table setting, too!

Puppy said...

we are like #1 in fancypantsing

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